Herds series

These works are various sizes and are collage and painting over top of existing works to create something new. Completed in December 2018.

This series. These explore the theme of “herds”. Herds of animals, herds of people. Herd instinct, and herd morality in human society.

By adopting and re-contextualizing items, I’m constructing tangible memories of an altered history. Refractions of reality. But using appropriated images also brings up concerns of authenticity and authorship. In collage, who is the author of the artwork? And if the collage is constructed of digital photos of sources or if it is painted, does that change the authorship in any way? Does painting the collage change the materiality, and make the piece more unique? It challenges traditional concepts of painting and art; materiality versus immateriality. It moves from tangible to digital and back again. Constructed into something different than it was; something new. 

Tanya CampComment