Connections to the past are important to me. I collect antique artifacts that have been kept safe by someone who considered them important enough to preserve, but over time have been discarded, sold, and forgotten. I use these to tell or retell a story, a fictional narrative spun from hints in the original documents. I enjoy trying to find a balance between analogue and digital production in my work and play. 

I am an artist, graphic designer and digital developer who has co-owned a boutique multi-media and software studio (Bucketduck Inc.) with my husband for the past nineteen years.

After experiencing severe back issues resulting in a major back surgery in 2018, I decided it was time to re-focus on making art. Drawing on my digital experience, I use software like Photoshop to develop and manipulate images and then work in acrylics using techniques like gel transfers and pouring, as well as carving with tools like the Dremel.

Found objects or artifacts, particularly wood, are often integral in my pieces. Drawn to items with history, I get immense pleasure from finding the perfectly imperfect object and teasing out narratives with a slightly nostalgic visual aesthetic. Mixing the past and the present, working with the duality of digital and analogue, I adopt and re-contextualize items, constructing tangible memories of an altered history; refractions of reality.

My new studio at Studio72